How much do you know about some vocabulary in plastic moulds?

Source:Harone Precise Mould Limited      Time:2021-04-20 17:11:31

Do you know some vocabulary in plastic molds?

1. What is a tiger's mouth?

Tiger mouth is also called: tube position, that is, the part used to limit the position.

2. What is ranking?

The product layout on the mold is called ranking.

3. What is the glue bit?

The cavity of the product on the mold is called: the glue position.

4. What is bone position?

The tendons on the product are called: bone position

5. What is column position?

The BOSS column on the product is called: column position.

6. What is empty position?

The gap on the mold is called: virtual position.

7. What is a deduction?

The hook used for connection on the product is called: buckle.

8. What is a fire pattern?

The pattern left after EDM is called the fire pattern.

9. What PL surface?

PL surface, also known as: parting surface, slap ramen, refers to the part where the front mold and the back mold are in contact when the mold is closed.

10. What is a computer gong?

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