What should I do if there are flow marks in the plastic mould and radiation patterns?

Source:Harone Precise Mould Limited      Time:2021-04-20 17:06:11

A: What should I do if the mold has flow marks during the molding process?

Answer: When this problem occurs, the engineering department of the plastic mold factory needs to be clear: the cause of the flow mark is low melt temperature, low mold temperature, improper injection speed and pressure, and small gate or runner size. The improved method needs to start from two aspects of mold design and process conditions. Increase the gate and runner size, increase the cold slug well, shorten the runner length, increase the barrel temperature and mold temperature, and increase the injection pressure and holding pressure.

B: What should I do if the radiation pattern appears during processing?

Answer: The radial pattern appears: the material temperature is too low during the processing of the injection mold, the injection speed is too fast, the gate is too small, and the gate position is unreasonable.

The methods are: 1. Use extended nozzle; 2. Increase runner and gate size; 3. Change gate position; 4. Reduce injection speed; 5. Increase barrel temperature.